decking kits, hardwood decking, decking tiles, deck tiles, wooden decking tiles

decking kits, hardwood decking, decking tiles, deck tiles, wooden decking tiles

Hardwood Decking Tile

Click-Deck’s hardwood decking tiles are perfect for giving your tired looking patio, balcony or roof terrace a brand new fresh look and beautiful natural finish. Each deck tile is oiled and ready to use straight away.

Very Simple To Use

The hardwood slats are secured to a plastic base which then uses a male / female interlocking process to connect with neighbouring deck tiles. Click-Deck is like a jigsaw that virtually anyone can use. No DIY skills or tools are required to lay the tiles, it’s that easy.

Water Can Drain Away

Each deck tile is made up of several hardwood slats and a plastic base. The plastic base ensures the hardwood slats are raised off the ground by 12mm which allows for rainwater to collect under the decking tiles and air to circulate below which helps drain away water.

Maintaining Your Hardwood

As with all wooden products in the unpredictable inclement UK weather, you may find that periodically your hardwood decking tiles will need re-oiling to restore their colour. The hardwood itself is very durable and designed to last many years. We recommend to use a high quality decking restorer and you can choose a different decking stain to slightly change the colour of the tiles if you wish.

Produced From Reliable Sources

Click-Deck’s hardwood decking tiles have been manufactured using quality Acacia from sustainable plantation forests. Acacia is a tropical hardwood and has a long lifespan, which has a great natural colour and is ideal for producing decking tiles from.

WPC - Composite Decking Tile

New to our range for 2017 Click-Deck have now introduced two types composite deck tiles. This durable material is a splinter free surface, ridged for grip under foot and gives the appearance and strength of real hardwood, but is eco-friendly. Choose from two types and colours in the Click-Deck range.

What is WPC?

WPC (wood plastic composite), is a mixture of plastic, wood and imported additives.

Very Low Maintenance

Composite decking tiles are very low maintenance and are designed to last. Left exposed to sun, heat, rain, snow, ice or frost, composite decking tiles are made to outlast the elements and with no extra maintenance. So come summer or winter you have the peace of mind that your deck tiles are going to maintain their quality.

Water Can Drain Away

Our composite deck tiles use the same design as our hardwood deck tiles. Each composite slat is secured onto a square plastic base which then suspends the composite slats off the ground. This design allows for rain water to fall through the slats and collect under the composite deck tiles and drain away.

Types of Composite Tile

1) Click-Deck Composite PLUS

This composite tile from our Acacia tile producer in Vietnam and is made up of 4 solid slats fixed to the usual plastic base. 30% heavier than the normal composite tiles thus harder wearing and suitable for more commercial uses. Technical information available on request.

2) Click-Deck Composite

This composite tile is very versatile and made in China from a leading composite tile producer. The tile has 4 slats which have a rebated reverse to reduce weight and the tiles are very durable and perfect for all applications.

Ebony Or Teak?

Click-Deck now stock composite decking tiles in two colours:

Dark brown/grey colour: Ebony

Ebony decking is somewhat popular in the UK today and offers a great alternative to our natural hardwood brown colour we already offer.

Middle/natural brown colour: Teak

If you are looking to still have a natural wooden colour for your decking, then our teak composite deck tiles are ideal for you. Teak gives your patio deck the impression it is wooden however is actually a composite decking material.

Please visit our SHOP page for full pricing for both our Hardwood & Composite range.


decking kits, hardwood decking, decking tiles, deck tiles, wooden decking tiles

decking kits, hardwood decking, decking tiles, deck tiles, wooden decking tiles